The Ballalloes / Die Teufelskicker: Where is Tasman?

  • Label:EUROPA
  • Genre:Fußball, Freundschaft, Abenteuer
  • Altersempfehlung:ab 6 Jahren
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.10.2018
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    Teufelskicker: The Ballalloes / Die Teufelskicker: Where is Tasman?

    Angus is devastated when his beloved dog Tasman goes missing while on a walk in the forest. Tasman is also the mascot for Angus’ football team, The Ballalloes and the whole team feels lost without him. They believe they can’t win a game without him sitting next to the sub’s bench barking wildly every time the referee blows his whistle! In desperation, the Daredevils organize a search for Tasman. Alfie, the team’s greenkeeper, tells them about an old dog-loving friend of his who lives in the middle of the forest.

    The Ballalloes go back into the forest but instead of finding the dog, they come across a saunter of wild boars and meet a strange hermit and his dog Roy… who looks oddly familiar…
    Will the team find Tasman, and if they do, will they start winning games again?

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